Julie Talks Money


Individual Consulting

– Financial Planning

– Asset Classes

– Real Estate

– Business-in-a-Box

Senior Planning

– Healthy Retirement

– Disability and Care Planning

– Maximizing Assets

Small Business / Self-employed

– Self-Directed 401K

– Personal Advisement Services

– Health Insurance

– Legacy

Group Seminars

– For Various Age Groups

– On-Site or Online

– Schools

– Colleges

– Churches

– Businesses

Book Now

First–schedule a complimentary 20 minute online or telephone session
to determine if coaching is right for you.

What Happens Next

After the initial complimentary session, follow-up sessions may be held by online video or by phone. During the initial complimentary session we will go over how the follow-up sessions are handled and what to expect.
Active clients may use the contact form to let me know your scheduling preference
and how you would like to proceed with follow-up. I will get back to you as soon as possible with instructions in an email to help you prepare in advance for the follow-up session(s) and to guide you through next steps.
For more details on pricing and packages